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Cannabis clubs file million-dollar lawsuits against Barcelona City Council



These clubs are preparing million-dollar lawsuits against the city council, which forced them to make substantial investments to adapt to the regulation that has finally been annulled by the Supreme Court and now intends to close them down. The municipal regulations obliged them to install chimneys, filters, extractors, adaptation of entrances and exits and security measures.

The Barcelona City Council and the PSC, at the behest of Mr. Albert Batlle, third deputy mayor (responsible for prevention, security, coexistence and interior) has changed its previous position in relation to cannabis clubs and the rights of adult users. While the PSC previously supported and voted in favour of the Law on Cannabis Consumers’ Associations in Catalonia, which was passed in 2017 with an absolute majority, he now intends to close and abolish the existing model, which is precisely the reference for the process of legalisation and regularisation of cannabis in Germany and Europe.

In this way, the well-known Christian Democrat ideology of Mr. Batlle is being imposed, which will not put an end to cannabis consumption, it will simply put an end to the dignity and safety of adult consumers.