Legal House

Decision: Casa Paraula is directed by Oriol Casals in Barcelona, and its raison d’être is the firm action in favour of defending the fundamental rights of people who are compromised by the action of justice, or who must assert their rights before the public administrations.

The essence of our service is to assume responsibility: to take the most appropriate decisions for the protection of the rights and interests of our clients within the scope of the process.

Our offices are located in Barcelona, and we provide services throughout Spain, offering our services in Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Portuguese and Italian.

Oriol Casals is one of the legal references in the European Union due to its extensive experience and results in the Courts, advice and participation in legislative and parliamentary initiatives.

The name Casa Paraula is inspired by the Toguna

Togunas (or palaver hut) are public buildings erected by the Dogon people along the Bandiagara cliff in the West African country of Mali. The togunas are usually located in the centre of each village.

The togunas are built with a very low roof, with the express purpose of forcing visitors to sit rather than stand. This is to avoid violence when discussions get heated. They are used by village elders to discuss community problems, but can also be used as a place for customary law.

Since 2010, Casa Paraula has been cooperating with the NGO Kokomih, strengthening cultural exchanges and participating in the development and construction of a health centre and maternity ward to combat infant mortality.

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